How do I order a Delivery or Takeout order?
How do I order a Delivery or Takeout order?

We do most of delivery and takeout orders through our easy-to-use, safe website! You can click here to go to the order page. If for any reason you are unable to access our website, you can call us atΒ (385) 549-4495.Β 

None of the delivery days/time slots are showing up. What do I do?

This means our deliveries are book full for the rest of the day. You can either change your order to a “Pickup” order, try again tomorrow! We accept pre-orders everyday as early as 8:00am.

Do you really do free delivery?

We sure do! We believe in putting our customers first, so we have done everything we can to give you this awesome feature. Although we encourage our wonderful customers to tip their delivery driver (since this is how they earn most of their money), we do not require it. You may also see a $0.30 service charge. This is not a delivery fee, but a fee to help us pay our payment processor to give you the convenience of paying online or with card at the door.

How do I know when my delivery will be here?

When you placed an order online, you selected a time slot and you should have received a confirmation email. We do our absolute best to get you your sushi within your desired time slot! If for any reason we are late or your have any immediate questions, please call/text (385) 549-4495.

My order was incorrect. Who do I contact to make this right?

If you need your order corrected that night, please call/text us at (385) 549-4495 . If you are okay waiting a day or two to solve the issue, please email us at help@fivesushibrothers.com and we will do what we can to make things right! Our customers are #1 and we’ll treat you like nothing less.

Where do you get your fish from?

We keep this one a trade secret πŸ™‚ But in short, our super awesome distributor gets their fish from the freshest of places, like Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Chili, and more. The fish is caught and flown in the very next day! After careful preparation, it is then given to us to serve to you! It’s as fresh as you can get in Utah, especially because we order our fish 2x/week as opposed to several other sushi restaurants that order their fish 1x/1-2 weeks.

Why do you sell out of rolls so often?

The reason for this is because we want to give you nothing less than the freshest of ingredients! For example, we order our fish 2x/week. Many other sushi restaurants order 1x/1-2 weeks, so their fish will be fresh the first few days, and not so fresh after that… We believe giving you fresh fish is more important than keeping every roll in stock 24/7; however, we are always ordering more to keep up with demand!

What is your most popular roll?

Our most populuar roll is the “Dylan From Vegas”! But make sure you branch out, they are all delicious πŸ™‚

How do I apply for a job?

You can fill out an online application here!

Who do I contact for business partnership inquiries?

You can email us at help@fivesushibrothers.com. We will do our best to get back to you!

Do you take reservations?

We do not! However, you can order a pickup order ahead of times by clicking here.

Do you cater?

We sure do! You can either order one of our delectable party packages, or email us so we can find a deal that better suits your event! Click here for more info πŸ™‚

Why fast/casual sushi? I've never seen that before!

We intentionally chose this style of dine-in to make it feel more comfortable and more like a “hangout” spot. We also wanted to provide affordable sushi options so that you don’t have to panic that your wallet is being drained each time you go out for sushi!

Are there really 5 brothers?

There are! However, only the youngest 2 brothers started the business and are running it.

Why do you have Super Smash Bros? That's random!

Five Sushi Bros is truly a reflection of the 2 owner’s personalities! They love Super Smash Bros and wanted others to enjoy it too.

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