About Us...


Lil bro and I have been to ALL the late night restaurants throughout Provo and Orem. If you are like us night owls, you know that your choices are pretty much a hamburger, a taco, or a shake and fries. There are those slightly-better 24 hr breakfast joints that make you wait an hour or more…. But how about something that’s actually QUALITY? Like SUSHI! Is that too much to ask for us noble Suburbians!? I mean is it!?

And how about on weekdays after 9pm? A place that serves fresh ingredients and where you don’t have to leave your home. A place for us fellow introverts, that just want to sit on the couch and stream our videos. What about us? WELL, THIS IS FOR YOU MY FRIENDS! THIS IS FOR ALL OF US PROUD NIGHT OWLS!

Join the movement, fishes!

We the Five Sushi Brothers want to open a delivery service that offers sushi, using only the best quality ingredients, and only during the nighttime hours of 9pm-12am (and even later in the future). Because of our unique, only-delivery service, we want to make our restaurant a place that nobody goes to, but that everyone orders from, a place where your nighttime meals are as convenient and effortless as possible.

We hope to eliminate all your stress and frustration that comes from typical nighttime food services, and your donation will help get us there! So thanks!