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Delivery & Pickup

Delivery Area: Provo, south of 3000 North
Pickup: 445 N Freedom Blvd Provo, UT 84601.
Questions? Call/text: (385) 549-4495

Hours & Events

Hours: Mon - Sat, PICK-UP & IN-HOUSE orders: 5:00PM - 12:00AM  DELIVERY: 7:00PM to 12:00AM MT. $5/Roll* Happy Hour: Sat, 11PM to 12AM. Order at our location, only. We don't deliver during happy hour.

*Rolls may sell out throughout the night! First come, first serve.


All rolls served with sesame seeds. Prices don't include tax.
Updated info, prices and detail on the full menu. -> Order Now!

LIL BRO ($5)  –  salmon and cream cheese center, topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce (FRIED)

CALI ($7) – avocado, crab, and cucumber center topped with a touch of eel sauce

PHAT BRO ($7) – tempura shrimp and avocado center, topped with eel sauce and chives

VEGAN EGAN ($7) - cucumber, avocado, and ginger center topped with sweet Thai chili sauce (VEGAN)

NIGHT WELKER ($8) - spicy tuna and cream cheese center, topped with red pepper flakes and eel sauce

BAND MANAGER ($8) –  avocado, crab, cucumber, and cream cheese center, topped with sriracha, eel sauce and chives (FRIED)

DYLAN FROM VEGAS ($8) –  salmon, crab, cream cheese, and avocado center, topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce  (FRIED)

BANDIES ($8) – loaded tempura shrimp center, topped with Japaese mayo and eel sauce 

Panda Dad ($8) - delicious dessert roll with a fresh strawberry, and banana center, topped with creamy coconut sauce, chocolate fudge, and toasted coconut

THE FRIEND ($8) - sweet pepper, cucumber, and cilantro center, topped with cabbage, chives, eel sauce, and sriracha (VEGAN, FRIED)

TAP GOOTHED ($8) - avocado, cucumber, and carrot center ,topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce (VEGETARIAN, FRIED)


ANGRY BRO ($9) – tempura shrimp, cucumber, and avocado center, layered with yellow-tail tuna, topped with  black tobiko and eel sauce (RAW)

TIGER MOM ($9) – tempura shrimp center, layered w/ Canadian salmon, topped with spicy tuna, shredded carrot, red pepper flakes, and sweet Thai chili sauce (RAW)

OKKAH ROLL ($9) – tempura shrimp, avocado, and jalapeno center, layered with Canadian salmon, topped with tobiko, red pepper flakes, and sweet Thai chili sauce (RAW)

RUSSELL'S FISH TACO ($10) - king crab, cucumber, and cilantro center, topped with layered  avocado, pico de gallo, cabbage, tobiko, and spicy mayo

LONELY BRO ($10) - cucumber, tuna, and crab center, layered with fresh water-eel and avocado, topped with eel sauce (RAW)

Vegetarian/vegan, and gluten free options available upon request. Just call/text us: (385) 549-4495.



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Our Story!

Five Sushi Brothers began in May 2016 with two troubled brothers who had experienced the horrors of the late night munchies night after night. One day, Ammon Chung, the older of the two brothers, came up with the revolutionary idea of starting a late night sushi delivery service in Provo in hopes to help people in a similar situation. Once he presented the idea to his lil bro, Jacob Chung, they knew from that moment that starting the business wasn't a matter of "if", but "when". What started out as a small business renting out a local Mexican restaurant's kitchen at night while they were closed, has evolved drastically to one of the fastest growing restaurants in Utah Valley. People of all ages can come hang out, play some smash, and have a good time! #fightthelatenightmunchies



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